Hyu is a Incubus who's looking for his prey every midnight. Beware of his existence!

He's started his debut as a virtual streamer on March 31st 2022 as one of the four talents from the 2nd Gen of Nakama Virtual.

Hyu are currently streaming on YouTube in Indonesian.

Hyu's content is classified as ADULT/DEWASA/R-18. The content include themes and contents that is not suitable for teenagers under 18 years old. Parental guidance is highly recommended.


A kinky-horny-flirty-yet-moody Incubus with the name Hyu is actually exist recently.

He likes to flirt everyone he met and make everything out of context. Don't get too homy with him because he could kidnap you one day!

  • Debut Date: March 31st, 2022
  • Debut Video: YouTube (This video might not be suitable for teen under 18)
  • Birthday Date: November 23th
  • Height: 165cm
  • Illustrator: @Blueriest_P (Twitter)
  • Rigging: @mine_ia (Twitter)

Social Media

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Link: https://sociabuzz.com/hyu_nakama (Twitter, Youtube, Discord server, and Donation via Sociabuzz)