Freundin Felin

Freundin Felin

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the stream, hope you like it~

Freundin Felin is a cat-girl persona virtual streamer, debuting on January 16th 2021, and is one of the talent who debuted in the 1st Gen of Nakama Virtual.

Freundin Felin is currently streaming on YouTube and with her multilingual ability. She's able to speak fluently in Indonesian and English.

Freundin Felin Details

Freundin Felin is a hardworking salarywoman. She's working in her office in the morning, and streaming with her cat-girl persona in the evening. She's been working in the office in her town for such a long time and felt that she needs someting to make her relax in the evening.

She decided to became a virtual talent in Nakama Virtual, with the aim to play and sharing together with the audience.

  • Debut Date: January 16th, 2021
  • Birthday: February 5th
  • Height: 155cm
  • Illustrator: @Blueriest_P (Twitter)
  • Rigging: @mine_ia (Twitter)
  • Logo Branding: Wyl_Nathanael (2nd Design)

Social Media

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Link: (Twitter, Youtube, Discord server, and Donation via Sociabuzz)